The following are GPG and OTR fingerprints for members of the CyberSecurity team.  These are here because viewing them over https provides you with some level of assurance, but it's probably still a good idea to verify them in person before you use them for anything highly sensitive:

J. Lummis 5981 21B7 ABD5 50C5 1BC3 09FA 0428 36EA 0A32 7C0B

3C6291E2 9D014C67 4B28B7B4 2DAFCD6F 0E963B0C

C. Craig

BE43 EAAB 1B9A 1A52 78E2 6D32 4661 7C26 033B BAEC

BC59D448 7D16DEC9 00B8233B EE9751EE D98E87E0

K. Koza

0BDF 3AF4 FB34 79B5 AA73 F471 866F 0D55 7349 8204

9C751A4D 47ED4637 983487FE 734AEE5B F0F16052
C. Leggett 4598 235C 6FB5 F9AF B216 C9AF 0973 9D2E 7023 53CD 4288A5DA 976344F6 A9157EFD 438A508F C683C886
A. Arrowood DBE6 B15B FC63 4F3E 4AF5 9140 D180 BCA7 E822 7A87 0BA17DB6 DFFFFBC3 D2F4CA32 61A326E4 F0290BD3