Business Continuity

To meet the growing needs and requirements for highly available services and fast recovery of data or services, the Office of Information Technology has instituted a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) program to address these requirements as well as meet the audit requirements set forth by different regulatory bodies (e.g. DCAA).   The goal of the program is to help the Institute move from a Disaster Recovery stance for centrally provided services to a more highly available stance that has little or no down time for critical central services.

The BCDR program has two main goals.  First, identify business critical services for the campus (e.g. student registration) and ensure that those services have a disaster recovery plan, including restoration of the service, and that the plan is tested on an annual basis.  Second, the program is responsible for working with service owners of business critical services and helping them to take advantage of high-availability architecture options that are available to them.

Business Continuity Planning templates may be downloaded here to assist campus Units with their BC planning efforts:

Business Resumption Planning Guide

Business Resumption Planning Checklist

Business Resumption Planning Template

OIT's Pandemic support information, which includes information for both OIT employees as well as campus users may be found at:

OIT Pandemic Information