Business Continuity Requests

If access is needed to user data that is required for the ordinary business of the Institute to proceed, (e.g., access to data associated with an employee who has been terminated/separated or is pending termination/separation, is deceased, is on extended sick leave, or is otherwise unavailable), please follow these guidelines:

First, create a ticket for the Mail Team requesting that an out of office message be put on the user’s mailbox (tickets for all types of IT requests can be created at

Examples might be:

“As of 01 June 2017, John Smith is no longer with the Institute, please direct all future correspondence to Jane Doe at”

“As of 01 June 2017, John Smith has moved to Department X, please direct all future correspondence to John Smith at”

Next, if any of the user’s resources are needed by other users to conduct business (such as mail, file shares, etc.), then the user’s management and/or HR representative should create a ticket requesting access to these resources.  Please enumerate the access needed as specifically as possible and provide a technical and administrative contact in case there are any questions about this request.  The access request will be reviewed by Human Resources and you will be notified if the requested access was granted.