Terms of Use

Application, System, and Network Login Banner

All Georgia Tech applications and systems, excluding endpoints and mobile devices (as defined at the bottom of this page), must display the following login banner to all users prior to authentication of user credentials.
Important: Some regulations (such as those requiring compliance with NIST 800-171) will require that endpoints have a Privacy and Security Notice on login. The below banner is also sufficient for this purpose.
Notice Text:

Terms of Use

This computer system is the property of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Any user of this system must comply with all Institute and Board of Regents policies, including the Acceptable Use Policy, Cyber Security Policy and Data Privacy Policy (http://b.gatech.edu/it-policies). Users should have no expectation of privacy, as any and all files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, inspected, and/or disclosed to authorized personnel in order to meet Institute obligations.

By using this system, I acknowledge and consent to these terms.

Georgia Tech defines the following per the Georgia Tech Data Access Policy
  • Endpoint
    • Desktop computers, laptop computers, workstations, group access workstations, USB drives, small servers, cloud hosted virtual machines, and personal Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Mobile Device
    • Mobile devices at Georgia Tech include, but are not limited to:
      • Cellular telephones
      • Smart phones (e.g. iPhones, Android Phones, BlackBerrys)
      • Tablet computers (e.g. iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Android Tablets)
      • Wearable Devices (e.g. Google Glass, watch devices)
      • Personal Digital Assistants
      • Any other mobile device containing Georgia Tech data (e.g handheld scanning devices)
    • Laptops and USB drives are considered Endpoints for the purpose of this policy (see definition above).